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Well-cleaned office space provides happy employees.

When the outer frame is in order, the employees can shine.

Multi-services offers classic cleaning solutions in offices on a fixed or ad hoc basis.

Multi-services also do classic office cleaning regularly, either ad hoc or permanently. Our biggest advantage is that we know our craft and are reliable – from end to end. We ensure a good indoor climate by using good, healthy cleaning products and well-trained and trained staff. We have clear agreements on our deliveries and fixed prices. We make sure that things slide easily and efficiently in everyday life.

We are sometimes flexible so that it fits best with the company’s second everyday life.

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Surrounded by Hindsgavl Zoo on three sides and down to the Little Belt is Galsklint Camping. The place is ideal for campers who want to enjoy peace and quiet, wonderful walks close to the forest game, or spend the day on / by the water. The owners of the campsite Svend and Annette Larsen place great emphasis on their campers having a good experience of being at Galsklint Camping. There must be many opportunities for activities, and the facilities must be in order both in terms of safety and in terms of cleaning. To handle traditional cleaning, Multi-services is employed for this task. And says Svend – we are really well satisfied with that, and when we are, we are sure that our guests are too. If we have something urgent, we never call Multi-services in vain.

Owner, Galsklint Camping

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In case of emergency, contact the operation department by phone: +45 71 87 07 71. 

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