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Other cleaning companies give up when it gets hard or dirty. We put ourselves in the harness.

Ap S was founded in January 2019 after starting as a one-man company. The company is based at Stenderupvej 226 in Sønder Stenderup.

Multi-service specialty is food cleaning, which requires special care and expertise. In addition to food cleaning, Multi-services also performs other cleaning tasks such as industrial cleaning, building cleaning – inside and out and dry ice blasting (a mild and effective cleaning method). Multi-services work for corporate customers all over Denmark, and all tasks are performed – whether it is small or large tasks – with the utmost professionalism, where quality is crucial.

Multi-services’ biggest vision is to create satisfied customers and employees. This is done by always ensuring that the work we perform at the customer is always of the highest quality. It is also a goal to grow at the right pace while providing good customer service with a staff that shows willingness to change, loyalty, openness, helpfulness and honesty.


Multi-services owner Ahmed Abulail is a persistent entrepreneur who already has many employees in his company – both permanent employees and temps. Ahmed Abulail came with his wife Diema and their two children to Denmark a few years ago together with many other migrants. Since the family came to Denmark, the goal has been as soon as possible to integrate, manage without help from Danish society and then create a life as a self-employed person, where both spouses are part of their own company. Shortly after arriving in Denmark, Ahmed Abulail was employed by a large cleaning company where he quickly became team manager and Diema was employed by the municipality.

But the desire to become independent was so great that Ahmed already after a couple of years in Denmark chose to jump out as a business owner with his own cleaning company. While the company is growing, both Ahmed and Diema are completing Danish lessons, which for them is so important to participate in to be able to speak and understand the Danish language in the best way. Diema is now permanently attached to the company, where she takes care of the office work together with a consultant.

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Operations Manager
Ahmed Abulail
+46 84 46 89 841

The company’s founder and experienced professional out in special cleaning tasks. He coordinates the effort and quality control in every detail. Ahmed typically has customer contact and coordinates the course of the battle on the inner lines.

Diema Alsaedi
+45 – 42 59 48 40


Customer service – responsible for stock, contracts and cars. Also performs ad hoc tasks and all other administrative tasks.

Our customers say

Ebrofrost is a recognized, leading supplier of pre-cooked IQF rice, cereals and pasta to the European food industry. We are known in the industry for having the widest product range of IQF rice and a wide range of IQF grain products. It is a fully automated continuous production process, which is constantly monitored by our experienced operators and controlled by our quality staff. A production of food products requires a high degree of cleaning. There is no room for compromise. To ensure that the cleaning is always 100% in order, we have hired Multi-services to perform this task. Multi-services provide a very high quality in the cleaning, and also use the most environmentally friendly products that take into account the working environment, indoor climate and nature. In addition, when we have here and now ad hoc tasks, Multi-services is always ready to solve the task.

Driftsleder, Ebrofrost Danmark A/S

Our customers say

We are a company working in the food industry. Our largest business area is industrial berries, which are supplied by professional growers. In production, it is of course very important that our production equipment is always 100% clean, as we are dealing with food. To ensure that this happens, we have entered into Multi-services. They provide a thorough and professional cleaning, which is adapted to our needs. We find that Multi-services always provide the best possible cleaning.

Plant Manager, Orskov Foods A/S

Our customers say

Surrounded by Hindsgavl Zoo on three sides and down to the Little Belt is Galsklint Camping. The place is ideal for campers who want to enjoy peace and quiet, wonderful walks close to the forest game, or spend the day on / by the water. The owners of the campsite Svend and Annette Larsen place great emphasis on their campers having a good experience of being at Galsklint Camping. There must be many opportunities for activities, and the facilities must be in order both in terms of safety and in terms of cleaning. To handle traditional cleaning, Multi-services is employed for this task. And says Svend – we are really well satisfied with that, and when we are, we are sure that our guests are too. If we have something urgent, we never call Multi-services in vain.

Owner, Galsklint Camping

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Our specialties


Multi-services specialize in tasks for food companies that require special knowledge.


The industry, as a food company, requires special insight into needs, wishes and requirements. It has several services. We clean the difficult places and on odd occasions if needed.


Multi-services often handle cleaning and cleaning after a fire or water damage in companies. We usually work systematically and in detail. There should be nothing to catch up with. We vacuum and dry hard-to-reach areas in height or hard-to-reach areas. We clean wall surfaces, which in many places are dirt collectors from another world. We wash deep floors, both in everyday life and on special occasions. In short: we do what needs to be done. The harder, the better.


At Multi-services, we use the latest equipment for the many challenging tasks we face. We have both high-pressure and low-pressure equipment for special tasks in, for example, the food industry and use minimal water and minimal necessary chemistry to solve the tasks. Ask us, it pays off.

Professional cleaning for companies – 24/7

Customer service is available by phone +46 84 46 89 841 

on weekdays during the period:

MondayThursday 8.00 – 16.00

Fredag 8.00 – 15.00. 

In case of emergency, contact the operation department by phone: +45 71 87 07 71. 

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